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Please keep you and your family safe. The following resources are available during the upcoming storms. Santa Cruz County Preparedness

• To sign up for CodeRed emergency alerts:
• For a list of sandbag locations in unincorporated parts of the county:…/Sand%20and%20Sandbag…
• For a printable storm preparedness checklist:
• To monitor local power outages:
• To view local road conditions:
• To view State highway road conditions:
• To monitor developments through local agency social media accounts:…/LocalAgencySocialMedia.aspx
• For more information on weather and disaster preparedness:
During emergencies, remember to:
• Fuel up your vehicle and generator. Resupply fuel backups if needed.
• Check on your neighbors.
• Stay tuned to trusted news sources (KSBW, KION, KAZU, KSQD, Sentinel, Good Times, Lookout, etc) or local agency social media channels.
• Make sure you have enough food and supplies for extended outages, including dry and canned goods.
• Plan for home heating without power.
• Charge your devices including cell phone, tablet, laptop and recharge any backup chargers.
• Avoid flooded roads, and never try to drive across a flooded road
• Know your zone! Look up your evacuation zone at
• Make a family emergency/evacuation plan.
• Report road closures or other issues at, or call (831) 477-3999.
• Do not attempt to drive over or otherwise disturb PG&E wires.
• Saturated soils mean slopes may fail. Be aware of your property and your environment.
• Secure outdoor items that may blow away in high winds including patio furniture
• Use sandbags to mitigate flooding on your property.
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