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May 27 – Suki Takes aim at those taking aim at alternative ed… again; Wheelchairs at Beaches; Galen Camp, Fieldguides Leader; Camps withopenings; Family Events – VIEW

May 20 – CRT, Critical Race Theory;  AB-1316 New Charter School Regulations; Camps Open for You; v Galen, Becca, and Travis, Fieldguides’ Outdoor Education Leaders, Family Events – VIEW

May 13 – About Summer Camps; Are You a Mosquito Magnet? Libraries Are Opening; Spotlight on Foster Care; Family Events – VIEW

May 6 – Happy Mother’s Day;  – Two Contrasting Parenting Stories: Gilian’s Story, Libby’s Story; May-June School Burnout Time; A Tip for Shopping with the “Littles” – VIEW

April 29, – Museums are OPEN for us! Ask Nicole: Self-care is Essential; In case you’re lonely, or know someone who is… Family Events – VIEW

April 22 – Thank you Librarians! A Teacher Talks About Racism; Puppylocks; 5th Grade’s Cleanup Challenge; Events  VIEW

April 15 – “It’s Like giving you’re a soft cuddle.”  Moms Help Moms When Children Have Panic Attacks; You CAN draw your favorite bird! Suki: Why I don’t teach to Cancel Culture; Family Events VIEW

April 8ALL CAMPS 2021, Camp Leader Series: Chris Soriano, Nature Explorers; Rusty Kingon, UCSC Sailing; Kasey Lindemann, Four Points Youth Camp  VIEW

April 1 – Do you have a Ramona personality? How to Criticize with Kindness; Ask Nicole: Creating Positive Childhood Experiences; Family Events  VIEW

March 25 – Finding Quality Preschools and Childcare Centers; Become a Citizen Scientist; Raising Human Beings; Family Events  VIEW

March 18 – California Wild Life Day; Collaboration Works for Kids… Adults Too! The Education Shakeup Continues; Articles/Opinions; Family Events  VIEW

March 11 – Spring forward! Walk, run, listen, look…Invite nature to refresh your spirits; Pandemic Schooling Is Overwhelming, Here’s How One School Lightened the Load; The Great American Story: A Land of Hope; Using literature and current events to teach Social Justice issues; Creating the World We Want; A Cautionary Perspective on Social Justice Teaching; Social justice, it’s not what you think it is… VIEW

March 4 – Can you do it for two days? National Day of Unplugging, Ask Nicole: Balancing Work and Family During a Pandemic, Back to the classroom we go! March is Hummingbird Month, Family Calendar VIEW

February 25 – Get the Public School Reopening Facts! 10 Most Checked-out Books of All Time, Storytelling Seminar, School News, Science and Storytelling Together!  Family Calendar VIEW

February 18 – When Fiction Inspires Us to Be Our Best Selves…; An Exciting New Speaker Series / Considering Weighty Matters; School News, Family Calendar VIEW

February 11 –  Happy Valentine’s Day, The MagicMeadow, School News, Suki Helps Kids with Motivation, Support for Children through and beyond a parent or guardian’s cancer, Family Calendar  VIEW

February 4 –  Best Clam Chowder, Splash & Read,  Join the Great Backyard Bird Count, Make Valentine’s Day Special, Family Events  VIEW

January 28 – The 1000 Challenge; Only One Rule; Ask Nicole: Showing Love in Many Languages; Tech Take-out; Family Events; Ideas to Stir Thoughts   VIEW

January 21 Character; When the Children Return; What Small Pivots Can You Make Today?  The Wonderfully Colorful House of Claude Monet; Family Events; Provocative Ideas to Stir Thoughts  VIEW

January 14  The Whatsoevers; Sunlight Profoundly Affects Mood, Health and Nightime Sleep; Community Science Projects at Elkhorn Slough; SPCA Programs for Youth; Family Events  VIEW

January 7  Where the Quiet Is; My Sentiments Exactly; Common Feeder Birds; “I Want Thin, Crispy Crust Pizza with generous sauce and quality mozzarella!”  Family Events  VIEW


December 31  Welcome 2021; Visit Byrne-Milliron Forest; Nourish Handwork Skills; Ask Nicole: January is Positive Parenting Month; Family Events VIEW

December 23  Merry Christmas; Traditions; Support Local Business; 2020 Ideas; Family Events   VIEW

December 17  Insight from The Snowy Day; It’s Controversial… So, Become an Information Detective; Toy Trains at MAH; Family Events; Covid19 Update  VIEW

December 10 Beautiful Music in Our lives; Best Tamales in Town; Shop Locally for Toys; Family Events  VIEW

December 3  Feeling the Giving Spirit; Teaching and Learning in the Time of Covid; Ask Nicole; Family Events VIEW

November 19  Without Poetry We Lose Our Way; Stressed? Find Serenity with Animals; The Real News to Cook A Turkey; Seriously, Closing Schools; Book Banning, Racism, Antiracism; FYI Links; Family Events   VIEW

November 12  Clutter-free Gifts; Volunteer if you can.. Ask if you need help; Colds May Keep Kids Covid-free; SIP Weight Gain; What to Do with Political Yard Signs; Family Events   VIEW

November 5  What is the Status of Santa Cruz County Schools? We Can Make Halloween As Special As Ever; October! Course on the Constitution; Family Events   VIEW

October 29  Orange is the New Tier; Teachers Share; FYI Links; Family Events   VIEW

October 22  Families Create Halloween Fun; Foundations of US Government; The Wienermobile’s Coming;  Family Events   VIEW

October 15  What is the Status of Santa Cruz County Schools? We Can Make Halloween As Special As Ever; October! Course on the Constitution; Family Events   VIEW

October 8   Welcome October! The Room of Ancient Keys; Jack o’Lanterns; October Chile; Suki: What is “learning through success”? Family Events; Vote!   VIEW

October 1  Read Inspiring Literature! Pumpkin Patches; Halloween; Jack o”lanterns; Take A Child Outside week; Mudslide Preparation; Family Events;  Ask Nicole – Tips for Supporting Distance Learning  VIEW

September 24  What will you do next Tuesday, Whitney? Who is Fred? Presidential Debates; Family Events  VIEW

September 17  Constitution Day; Books for Constitution Day; Why Stretching Is (Still) Important for Weight Loss and Exercise; Family Events    VIEW

September 10  Grandma Moses: She Nurtured her Creativity; Mamas Find Solutions Listening to Podcasts; Mamas Outsmart Picky Eaters; Family Events; Schooling Choice  VIEW

September 3 The Power of Touch; Schooling Choice; Volunteers – Responding to Disaster; Supporting People and Parks; Family Events  VIEW

August 27, 2020  Patience, Schooling, Joy! New Friends; Back to School Stress Relief, Family Events VIEW

August 20, 2020  “Shall I Compare thee to a summer’s day?” The Benefits of Cursive; Calling home school pods fundamentally racist won’t help education equality; Family Events; School Re-opening Information VIEW

August 13, 2020  Inspiration from Owls; Ingenuity; Family Events; School Re-opening Information;  VIEW

August 6, 2020  Improve your relationships with advice from counter-terrorism experts; The 9 Most Important Things I Learned in Cooking School; Pick up from Libraries; Ask Nicole: Returning to School During Covid-19; Family Events; Independent Study programs In or Serving Santa Cruz County  VIEW

July 30, 2020  Begin with the Arts; Playing the Violin Increases Academic Performance; Terrific Day Trips; Family Events; Support for Parents  VIEW

July 23, 2020  Let’s Enjoy Summer! Thought Provoking Nutrition; Family Events; The Life-changing Habit of Journaling; Support for Parents VIEW

July 16, 2020  Education in the Spotlight; Zucchini Time; Welcome Violin4Kids & Little Trends Boutique; Family Events; Health Services Statistics; School Re-opening Plans; Why Outdoor Learning? VIEW

July 9, 2020  Amazing Times; Floral ShortbreadCookies; Family Events; Health Services Statistics; School Re-opening Plans; In Defense of Absurdly Early Bedtimes; The Science of Reading Before Bed; Suki Interviews Blake Boles VIEW

July 1, 2020  A Backyard 4th; Family Events; Health Services Statistics; CA School Legislation; Suki: Humans need meaningful work; Ask Nicole: Anti-racism Resources for Parents  VIEW

June 25, 2020   “What, you want me to explain?” Suki:The Future of Education; Navigating the Future of Learning; Netflix’s Billionaire Founder is Secretly Building a Luxury Retreat for Teachers in Rural Colorado; 5 Trends in Education to Watch out for in 2020; School Re-opening Plans; Family Events; Voices  VIEW

June 18, 2020  Happy Fathers Day; School Choices; SchoolRe-opening Plans; Books for Families; A Story for Foodies; Camps Open for You; Family Events  VIEW

June 11, 2020  Be a Builder; “Ronald McNair’s Civil Disobedience: The Illustrated Story of How a Little Boy Who Grew Up to Be a Trailblazing Astronaut Fought Segregation at the Public Library;” Got Grit? RustleIt Up!  Family Events; Welcome Black Oak & Positive Discipline Resource Center; County Health Department News VIEW

June 4, 2020  Library Summer Reading Program; Taking Flight; Ask Nicole: Parenting Teens During Uncertain Times; Welcome Frontier Ranch Daycamp; Family Events; The Canary in the Coal Mine of Kids’ Character The Canary in the Coal Mine of Kids’ Character; America’s Fatherless Ache Exposed by Humble YouTube Dad; Advice from My Father; 7 Dale Carnegie principles for dealing with the coronavirus VIEW

May 28, 2020  Moving forward! Read J.K. Rowling’s “The Ickabog”  SC Museum of Natural History recommends: Create Your Own Wheel! Events from the Calendar; From Camping To Dining Out: Here’s How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities; Topics for the Times  VIEW

May 21, 2020  Going Forward after an Explosion; Parents Blog on SCP; More Blogs about Family Life; Virtual Events; Prepare to be Flexible; Topics for the Times  VIEW

May 14, 2020  Between the Lines; Virtual, Classrooms, or a Combo? Suki: Fall 2020 education; Virtual Events; Be Kind; Topics for the Times  VIEW

May 7, 2020  Mixed Summer Camp News; Ask Nicole: Positive Parenting During a Pandemic; 2 Virtual Parenting Workshops; Santa Cruz County Health Order; Topics for the Times  VIEW

April 30, 2020  Crazy Days!, Suki shares: 3 things you can do to help your child with Covid-19 anxiety; Welcome to our Directory!; Trade arable land for vegetables! 4 Virtual Parenting Workshops; The Elephant in the Room! Topics for the Times  VIEW

April 23, 2020  A renewed interest in the nature and future of education; Setting Aside Biases; Food for Thinking; Monterey Bay Backyard Bioblitz; Happy 50th Earth Day! Free Books from Live Like Coco  VIEW

April 16, 2020  Just for fun! The 7-Year Old Helping Seniors;  Growing for Good Program;  Stuck at Home! How to Volunteer Virtually! Families may differ, but they share common values on parenting  VIEW

April 9, 2020  Welcome new website; How to Go From Watching Birds to Drawing Them;  Free Harry Potter Reading and Activities;  She likes good writing and fantasy/adventure books. Any suggestions? Virtual Line Dancing for Beginners  VIEW

April 2, 2020  Making this work for another month!  Building Resiliency during COVID-19:  Self‐care for You and Your Teen;  Building Resiliency During COVID-19:  Self‐care for You and Your Baby /Toddler;  Keeping Calm and Centered During Uncertain Times – For parents of preschool and elementary school aged kids;  Helping Kids with Special Needs Cope with Anxiety around COVID-19;   Dave Ramsey: Get on The Debt Snowball Plan;  30 Ways to Save Money on Groceries;  Ask Nicole: Small Steps, Big Changes  VIEW

March 26, 2020 Looking forward! Re-evaluating Our Family Lifestyles; Let’s Support the Virtual Locals; Quick Info on Zoom; Virtual Spring Camps VIEW

March 19, 2020 We’re All In a New Paradigm; Re-Evaluating Our Family Lifestyles; Local Heroes; Zoom Info; Suki: Temporary Homeschooling Tips from the World’s Most Reluctant Homeschooler; Homeschool Mama to Temporary Homeschooler; Spring Camps; Explore Private and Parochial Schools VIEW

March 12, 2020 Find the Pony! It’s a Famliar Old Message: “Wash Your Hands;” How Giving Up Sugar Super Charged My Brain; Spring Camps; Kid Power: Stay Safe in Your Imagination; How to Decode Your Aloof Teen Boy; 10 Nonfiction Books that Humanize Mathematics; Family Events; VIEW

March 5, 2020 Kindergarten – This September or Next; Ask Nicole: Kids Need Opportunities, Skills and Recognition; Movies, Music and Art; Fun Events VIEW

February 27, 2020 Gadgets! Family and Gadgets; Take this Math Story to Class; Local Moms’ Remedies for the Dreaded Poison Oak; Family Events VIEW

February 20, 2020 Feeling A Little Lonely? Loneliness/Hands Connection; Anti-Depressant Microbes in Soil; How Soil Makes Your Brain Happy; The First List of Anti-Depressant Foods Restructures the “Standard” American Diet; The Art and Benefits of Hand Embroidery; Family Events; The Lunatic Farmer: Loneliness VIEW

February 13, 2020 The Most Loved Word; Sweet Thoughts on Love! A Foodie Love Story; Family Events; Seniors on the Brink of Adulthood VIEW

February 6, 2020 Celebrate Migration; Family Events; A Very Little Love Story; It Begins At Home; Drug Prevention is a Family Affair; Ask Nicole: Raising Children with Special Needs; VIEW

January 30, 2020 “If School Could Be Like Camp;” Cardboard Re-imagined; Family Events; In the Heights VIEW

January 23, 2020 Kids, Our Pathway to New Friends; Questions Work; We’re All in the Same Boat Now; Family Events; Learning to Read Is Easy, or SHOULD Be; Family Opera, Massenet’s “Cinderella” VIEW

January 16, 2020 Have a Good Story? Please Share Your Stories; A Renewed Romance; Family Events; How Will New Laws Affect You? The Most Powerful Family Ritual… The Bedtime Story; Moms Recommend Board Games for 3 Year Olds VIEW

January 9, 2020 What’s the BIG Parenting Plan? Family Events; Bike Theft; NAMI: Ending the Silence; A Silent Tragedy; Message from a Teacher VIEW

January 2, 2020 Forget All Those Resolutions; Choose One! Ask Nicole: January Is Positive Parenting Month; Running with Sherman, A Donkey with the Heart of a Hero; Parent Workshops VIEW


December 26, 2019 New Year, Craving Tamales, Elephant Seal Walks, Wreaths for the Birds, Winter Day Camps, Fun Events, VIEW

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