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Newsletters 2024

Newsletter March 14 – We Love Our Little Flyers, Prevent Nightmare Scams, Be the First to Snare Those Tickets for Popular Events, Family-friendly Events, https://conta.cc/3v6DTR8

March 7 – Women’s History Month, In with a Roar, Hummingbird Month, Cooped Up Kids, Easy Scavenger Hunts, Save Your Inbox from Spam, Family Friendly Events, https://conta.cc/435pkKc

February 29 – Happy Birthday Leaplings and Leapers! Ask Nicole: Tips for the Teen Years; Escape Into Mysteries for Parents; Should schools ban phones all day? Family Friendly Events, https://conta.cc/3T0oXx9

February 22 – Phrases that Work in Strengthening Relationships; Teen Girls Self-Defense Workshop; Why Giving Is Good for Your Health; Family Friendly Events, https://conta.cc/3uKFWKk

February 15 – The Power of Love; McCrary Family Scholarships; Are You Waiting for a Lollipop? Family Friendly Events, https://conta.cc/3T0oXx9

February 8 – Cursive writing was so yesterday in California… and now it’s back! On the Night You Were Born; Watsonville Reads; Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong; Want to know more about the science of reading? Family-friendly events, https://conta.cc/3uxQPz2

February 1 – Welcome February; Raising Good Humans; Scammers Targeting Kids and Teens; How Not to Age; Aptos Library Open House; State of California Test Results for 2023; Book Bans and Pronoun Wars; Family-friendly Events, https://conta.cc/3SGhBPe

January 25 – Learn the real history in The Double Crossing; Conquer Clutter; A Local Blog for Teens from Suki; Boys and Girls; Why Anti-Semitism Sprouted So Quickly on Campus and Family-Friendly Events, https://conta.cc/3u6ayWn

January 18 – January Routines and Creativity; How you can help to end the youth mental health crisis; Before you get a pet, send the children to a Santa Cruz SPCA’s PAWS Program; So You’re Going to the Snow; Into the Woods Performance; https://conta.cc/48VeIPK

January 11 – Martin Luther King, A Visionary; King Tides; You Can’t Make Meaning by Hating Others; 11 Grammar Mistakes that Drive Editors Mad; Family-friendly Events, https://conta.cc/48VeIPK

January 4 – Trees, “Treelings,” Parents and Children; January is Positive Parenting Awareness Month; Triple P Laid Back Book Club; Fungus Fair; Family-friendly Events https://conta.cc/3tIGDDG

Newsletters 2023

December 28 – Happy New Year! The Santa Cruz Fungus Fair is Back; A Powerful Way to Help Troubled Teens; Resolutions for a Life Worth Living; Powerful Surf Warning, Family Friendly Events including New Years Eve,  https://conta.cc/3vq82ug

December 21 – Merry Christmas, Board Games, Tamales and Solstice Sea Star Search. Beautiful Books for Children, https://conta.cc/3NxoPll

December 14 – Holodomor, Do you know what it means? Hatred Will Destroy You, Time with Nature… It’s Rewarding, Holiday Events for Families, https://conta.cc/4anLxGE

December 7 – The Best Gift; ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly; Vacation Camps; Christmas Tree Farms and Holiday Events,  https://conta.cc/47Llwzg,

November 30 – Ask Nicole: Finding Peace and Joy During the Holidays; Go to the Woods… or Around the Block; All the Tree Farms; Acts of Kindness; Family Friendly Events. https://conta.cc/47BU9Ya

November 23 – Happy Thanksgiving; Amahl and the Night Visitors; Ways to Help Our Friends in Ancient Lands; A Tree Your Way; Holiday Events.   https://conta.cc/3QUItbU

November 17 – Let’s Talk Turkey; Holiday Events; Neighbors Share How They Celebrate Thanksgiving; Books Make the Best Gifts; A Plethora of Family-Friendly Events. https://conta.cc/46iUu0K

November 9 – For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven; Volunteer Where Your Heart Takes You! United Against Hate Week; KidPower International: Inspire connection & leadership with our new safety resource! Family-friendly Events. https://conta.cc/3shiwLG

November 2 – What will you do with the bonus hour on Sunday? Hatred | Freedom; Ask Nicole: Giving Thanks; Welcome Home Western Flyer; I Was Fired for Setting Academic Standards; Understanding Assessment Standards; Events for Families, https://conta.cc/47imVfR

October 26 – The Popularity of Halloween; Awareness of Your Mindset is the Portal to Change; To Live for Grievances Risks Liberty; We Pretend; A Binocular Guide for Growing Birders; Family Events,  https://conta.cc/3Mfs7cx

October 19 – Do Something Creative… It’s good for the soul;  Pumpkin Carving Tips from The Art Factory; A Story of Beauty, Sadness, Hope; Where the Pumpkins Are; Who Runs the Best U.S. Schools? Family Events, https://conta.cc/3S1r43F

October 12 – How to Talk with Children, Adolescents and Teens About War, Step Outside to View the Eclipse; Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Events, Upcoming Events, Places to Go, Things to Do, https://conta.cc/3ZTrScL 

October 5 – ALL the Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Events! It’s a Treat to visit Open Studios Artists; “October is….tah dah….Mystery Month! END OF THE LINE! Last Opportunity to View the Fern Creek and Western Railroad at 419 Ocean View Ave, Santa Cruz on Sunday, October 8, 1– 4pm; Weekend Events! https://conta.cc/3Q3Pic3

September 28 – Pumpkin Patches PDF and Halloween Events PDF; Ask Nicole: Homework Routines Are Your Friend; Is it legal to track your children at school? Suki: Why read out loud? & When and How to Use Audio Books for Your Developing Reader; Lots of Fun Family Events https://conta.cc/462f71P

September 21 – The Power of a Walk; Handling Tricky People; The Lure and Benefits of Challenging Puzzles, Good for ALL Ages! Family Events, https://conta.cc/3Pl1Jia

September 14 – Exciting, Delicious and Colorful; The Fair is Bursting with Innovation; Ask Nicole: Encouraging a Growth Mindset; Family Events, https://conta.cc/3Pqjb50

September 7 – It’s Fried Green Tomatoes Time; We Have a Best Friend in our Neighborhoods; Family Events, My love, we are going to wait on the smartphone for you because of so many reasons; Teaching Note-Taking Skills to Guide Students to Self-Directed Learning; Teens are crumbling under extreme pressure; Family Events, https://conta.cc/44EvNLb

August 31 – Good job everyone! The Santa Cruz County Fair, A View of Us; Halloween Costumes for CASA Kids, https://conta.cc/47TLhOk

August 10 – Schooling, Culture, History, Dolls & Miracles;  the Enduring Story Behind American Girl Dolls; What Do Parents and the Public Say About K-12 Education? An Upbeat Question, https://conta.cc/47oVWAh

August 3 – Reasons for Early August School Starts; Ask Nicole: Teaching Children to Cope with Anxiety; The Iconic Art Factory Opens in a New Studio;  https://conta.cc/3KmgTlB

July 27 – August 10th!? Overheard; What Makes a Truly Great Teacher? Rumbles about Back to School Date, https://conta.cc/3q45q3b

July 20 – Art, Geometry, Art, Peace; Light Exhibition; You’re thinking about the Fair Right? https://conta.cc/46Xzjm7

July 13 – Teens can be so great, especially when… On Books, Freedom, Slavery; For Adults… Lists of 2023 Books to Read… or Not, for YOU get to Choose! Have You See The Sound of Freedom? https://conta.cc/43lt3BL

July 6 –  On My Soapbox; Ask Nicole;  Stuff the Bus, Reactions to Supreme Court Rulings on Education,  https://conta.cc/44xrC4h

June 29 – Happy 274th Birthday America! Children’s Books I Missed in My Youth; Youth Chess Tournament, https://conta.cc/44lPOqi

June 22 – “A Tribute to a good Man” – Today’s newsletter honors Eric Child whom you may know as the train man. Eric brought his love of trains to thousands of children and children at heart.  He was a friend to many and mentor to a young boy who was as crazy for trains as he! https://conta.cc/46jShU0

June 15 – Terrific Book Lists; Happy Father’s Day; A Website for Men,   https://conta.cc/3JhzaQy

June 8 – Backyard Camping! Inspiration from a 7 Year Old Boy; Junior and Little Ranger Programs, https://conta.cc/3OY2orj

June 1 – “Turn off the light already, and get some sleep!” Ask Nicole: Tips for Dad and Father Figures; Run to the Library!    https://conta.cc/43Apic5

May 25 – What Do We Teach Our Children About Memorial Day? Hot Fudge Sundaes & Other Self-care Remedies; Well, duh? Surgeon General Deems Social Media Harmful to Kids, https://conta.cc/3WAYKp0

May 18 – CAMP ISSUE; Going to Camp Makes My Heart Sing; Selecting the Camp Best Suited for Each Child; “Benefits and Anticipated Outcomes of the Camp Experience” (ACA); Getting Off in the Morning; When They Come Home, Introduce Camp Fire Stories at Home; 17 Not-So-Scary Spooky Stories for Kids,  https://conta.cc/41STZbx

May 11 – Mom Tears; Raising Critical Thinkers; Happy Mothers Day; Affordable Housing Month Events, https://conta.cc/3pupI5a

May 4 – We CAN Help Our Less Fortunate.The “HOW” is the challenge; Ask Nicole: Self-care is Essential! Multi-Cultural Fair, https://conta.cc/3VuSX3R

April 27 – Nature Journaling for the Entire Family; Let’s Go Through “Differently Wired” Together;   https://conta.cc/3Lw4UCR

April 20 –  Dance! Hike! Walk! Run! Earth Day Every Day; Beach Passes for Parking Your Car; Coastal Wildflower Day,  https://conta.cc/41JgS1j

April 13Respectfully and Capably; Kid tested, parent approved, Family Biking Lunch and Learn; Another Dangerous App; The Daily Beast Gets It; Hidden Beach, https://conta.cc/3UzzluN

April 6 – Welcome April! What is “home” to you? Creative Listening Across Differences” Classic Easter/Spring Books for the Little Ones and those who read to them!  https://conta.cc/3ZFH9Mw

March 30 – Out like a lamb… we hope!  Less play, worse mental health; It’s Decision Time: Kindergarten, TK, Private School K or Preschool K?  Volunteer for Pajaro Flood Cleanup, https://conta.cc/409IRH3

March 23 – “We want to be supportive of a plan that is grounded in proven programs.” Housing; Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to write for television, film, animation, graphic novels, and more? Take a wild flower walk,   https://conta.cc/3z1t94J

March 16 – “This could be happening in your town!” Building Trades Program; Finding the Magic in Middle School;  Storm Resources,  https://conta.cc/3LpeKa4

March 9 – 85 Great Teens and their Supportive Parents; If you see a penguin, please pick it up! Free Bus Rides for K – 12; TikTok Danger,  https://conta.cc/3l89zQW

March 2 – Magic! I Used to Be a Baby Elephant; Ask Nicole; Managing Screen Time; Extreme Weather Resource Fair, https://conta.cc/3SGUcve

February 23 – Readers are up in arms! 10 things to know about how social media affects teens’ brains; Perils in Paradise; School Choice Trends, https://conta.cc/3XUl5gf

February 16 – Keeping Children Safe in a Scary World; We think parents deserve a fun night out… and for a good cause! So You’re Going to the Snow! Omega Nu is now accepting scholarship applications from local high school seniors, https://conta.cc/3I5ZKL0

February 9 – Hearts and Buffalo Soldiers; Are You a Rockhound?   Join an MOD focus group, https://conta.cc/3x6LAUS

February 2 – Welcome February, Been Waiting for You! An Amazing Love Story; Ask Nicole: Showing Love in Simple Ways; Meet a Neighbor; Transform a Shoe or Cereal Box; It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time; https://conta.cc/3JAg8Wz

January 26 – Enrich Life with Music and History; Inspiring Adventures; Disaster Recovery Centers; Safe, Reliable & Affordable Transportation,  https://conta.cc/3XQIMGK

January 19 – Sunshine is on the way! Make Time to Make and Maintain Friendships with Friends and Family! Expand Your Friendships; Parenting Power Summit; Two Perspectives on TikTok…Ban or Do Not Ban, https://conta.cc/3IWt74j

January 12 – Cherish the Small Moments; Get Moving Mondays; The Romance of Egypt and Archeology; Not Scary Movies for 2 – 4 year olds; Where the snow is… https://conta.cc/3Gud6jk

January  5 – May 2023 Be a Good Year for You! January is Positive Parenting Awareness Month! Ramses the Great; Historical Fiction Brings History Alive! Elephant Seals Arriving!  https://conta.cc/3vIEG7z

Newsletters 2022

Dec 29 – The US and the Holocaust; A Man Called Ove; Ask Nicole: Building Emotional Resilience Positive Parenting Month; An Invitation from Live Oak Grange, a Welcoming Community; K-12 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest; 2022 Year End Events,  https://conta.cc/3GrRzce

Dec 20 – Merry Everyone! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice; Do not miss the King Tides, How Norad Became the Santa Tracker, K-12 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest, Why Add Jigsaw Puzzles to Our Holiday Routine    https://conta.cc/3V7XQhf

Dec 15 – A Serendipitous Musical Happening, Introducing children to a variety of experiences may lead to a satisfying career! Join Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, https://conta.cc/3YtqV9I

Dec 8 – Is  there a Santa Mouse in Your House? COE Spotlights Computer Science, Danger: Hammerhead Worms, How to Make Tamales, https://conta.cc/3BlQXSq

Dec 1 – Ask Nicole: Making the Holidays a Time for Reflection and Celebration, It’s Tamale Time, December is Brimming with Choices, https://conta.cc/3UswsdA

Nov 23 – All the Winter Holiday Events We Could Find, Fun Winter Camps for Children, CDRC’s Childcare & Preschool Map, Grants for Preschools, First Thanksgiving… then a tree! CDRC: Maps and Childcare Grants, https://conta.cc/3i0uMuh

Nov 17 – From Turkey to Tamales, Traditions Are Living History; A “treeing” we shall go… Lessons in Friendship and Teamwork; Fall-Winter Camps; Find Child Care by CDRC’s New Maps, https://conta.cc/3gb3zom

Nov 10 – …then cozy up with a good book… Good Books Abound, Classic Stuffing, Eloise Recommends Series Books for 9 Year Olds, 21 Books in The Famous Five Series Keeps Them Reading,  Classic Stuffing, None of that Exotic Stuff,  https://conta.cc/3TqogKg

Nov 3 –  Think Turkey! Seven magically mysterious adventure series for middle-grade readers, Ask Nicole: Helping Kids Handle Big Emotions, A Gift for You, VIEW

Oct 27  –  Make Your Halloween Safe and Fun! It’s Acorn People Time… Watch the Plein Air Artists 5 days of 40+ Artists Painting Around Capitola, Lessons inChemistry, Walks with a Purpose,  VIEW   https://conta.cc/3sysuof

Oct 20  –  A Dad Weighs In! Mural Art in Watsonville, Get in the Spirit! Tour Evergreen Cemetery at Dusk, VIEW   https://conta.cc/3eNY9yQ

Oct 13  –  How to Teach Responsibility without Nagging! Crazy about Whales, Art, Birds, Dance? And of course downloadable PUMPKIN PATCHES AND HALLOWEEN FUN, VIEW  https://conta.cc/3MrhZML

Oct 6  –  Today’s Newsletter:  If I were a young mom or dad…  We cannot be casual about fentanyl!  You CAN taste 70 different types of apples! VIEW  https://conta.cc/3MctHe6

Sept 29 – Halloween 2022 Downloadable pdf, Get into Birds! Do this today to meet your child’s core needs! Ask Nicole: Tips for New Parents, VIEW  https://conta.cc/3SDFIuS

Sept 22  – PUMPKIN PATCHES 2022, Exciting Learning in Classrooms, Model United Nations, Santa Cruz World Harmony Chorus,  VIEW   https://conta.cc/3R2A4Bd

Sept 15  –   Who practices the “Freedom to Read,” It’s acorn time, Computer Science and Information Technology for Parents, Kids Favorite Series Books, VIEW  https://conta.cc/3dh3kXb

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