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Ater School Locations: Bayview, DeLaveaga, Gault, Monarch, Mountain, Main, Santa Cruz Gardens, Soquel, Valencia, Westlake

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(831) 462 -9822
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Childcare Locations: Bostwick Children’s Center, CKC Infant & Toddler Childcare Center, Opal Cliffs Childcare Center, SantaCruz Garden’s Preschool


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Child Development Resource Center
Address: 400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz CA
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Child Development Resource Center
CDRC serves those who care for and educate young children. CDRC/Child Care Switchboard maintains a current list of all licensed child care centers and licensed family child care homes in Santa Cruz County. We also realize that licensed care does not always meet the needs of every individualized family. If your preferred choice is to go with a nanny, babysitter, or other informal arrangement (license-exempt care) you can have the added peace of mind of utilizing the TrustLine Registry.

Providers: The well-being of our children and families starts with YOU—the child care workforce. CDRC is here to help you provide the best care for children and to keep your business thriving. CDRC maintains Santa Cruz County’s only complete, up-to-date listing of child care providers. Help families find you by placing a free listing in our child care referral database.

Parents and Guardians: CDRC maintains Santa Cruz County’s only complete, up-to-date listing of child care providers. Finding the right child care is one of the most important decisions your family may need to make. The early care and education specialists at CDRC can answer your questions—on the phone, or in person—to help you find child care that meets your needs.

What does QUALITY look like?

You feel safe & accepted for who you are
It’s a place to be with friends and caring adults
You get to do lots of fun, interesting activities

The program is easy to get to & affordable
Your family’s culture and child’s abilities are respected
Your child is happy and learning new things

The program is thriving & committed to quality
The work environment is safe and well organized
You get a chance to earn better pay and benefits

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(831) 466-5820
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Coastal Community Preschool
Address: 900 High St, Santa Cruz
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Welcome to Coastal Community Preschool, an independent, private, incorporated, non-profit organization which serves preschool children from the age of 2 years 3 months until entry into kindergarten. The school is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Coastal Community Preschool parents, non-parents from the Santa Cruz community and teachers at the School.

Coastal Community Preschool seeks to provide a safe, accessible, family –centered environment that nurtures children as individuals, fosters social understanding, and serves as a vital part of its local community. In this setting, we will celebrate the unique spirit of each child and strive to cultivate Good People who recognize and respect their own precious worth and that of others.

The Preschool approaches this mission with the following goals:

To create a sanctuary for learning that honors and protects each child’s interests and ideas, and encourages development at each child’s own pace;
To sustain a talented, experienced and highly skilled faculty by ensuring respectable salary levels and benefits and maintaining a comfortable, stimulating workplace that encourages participation in organizational development;
To provide a diverse and inclusive environment in which children learn to appreciate different lifestyles and cultures;
To prepare children for school through emotional readiness, and through cultivation of each child’s unique strengths and interests;
To encourage a family-centric, team-approach among parents and teachers who share a mutual goal of raising a community of strong, confident, and happy children;
To serve as an integral part of the local community by providing a variety of resources in support of strong families, successful parenting and learning readiness.

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(831) 462-5437
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Vista Verde

Sycamore Street

Redwood Mountain

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