Coryell Autism Center
Address: 111 Errett Circle, Santa Cruz CA
Short Business Description: The Coryell Autism Center is a nonprofit, private school in Santa Cruz, California
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Coryell Autism Center

The Coryell Autism Center is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing specially-designed services people with autism the Center is named in recognition of the Coryell Family Foundation’s ongoing support of individuals with autism in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Business Phone Number: 831 -713 -2288
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Gateway School  K-8
Address: 255 Swift St., Santa Cruz CA 95060
Short Business Description: Gateway School, founded in 1970, is an independent, co-ed day school in Santa Cruz, CA for students in grades Kindergarten through Middle School.
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Gateway School, founded in 1970, is an independent, co-ed day school in Santa Cruz, CA for students in grades Kindergarten through Middle School. Our mission is to inspire children to lead lives of purpose and compassion through scholarship and citizenship.

We nurture academic success and intellectual curiosity, personal character and integrity, and individual agency and engagement. Our program is rooted in play, creativity, and critical thinking. Our students develop communication and collaboration skills while becoming compassionate and responsible citizens.

We feature Art, Music, Spanish, Mindfulness, Life Lab Science, and a Makerspace as integral parts of our program, along with small classes, a gorgeous nine-acre campus, and a loving community of families.

Gateway is the only K-8 school in Santa Cruz accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). We invite all families to visit our website or schedule a tour, and get to know our community!

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Business Phone Number: 831.423.0341
Good Shepherd Catholic School
Address: 2727 Mattison Lane, Santa Cruz
Short Business Description: Welcoming children of all faiths for the last 55 years, our highly qualified faculty and staff provide a well-rounded curriculum that is project-based and faith driven.
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Good Shepherd Catholic School, Preschool – 8th grade
Welcoming children of all faiths for the last 55 years, our highly qualified faculty and staff provide a well-rounded curriculum that is project-based and faith driven. Spanish, art and life lab classes are part of the school’s curriculum with technology integrated throughout the school day.


The school’s focus on community service gives the students numerous opportunities to learn and practice Catholic social teachings firsthand. Students may participate in the school’s highly successful interscholastic sports program including golf, flag football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer beginning at grade two.

After-school care is available until 6:00 PM. Please join us at our annual Open House in January. For more information, call 831.476.4000 or visit our website.

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Business Phone Number: 831.476.4000
Mount Madonna School
Address: 491 Summit Road, Mount Madonna
Short Business Description: MMS inspires creative growth, personal resilience and intellectual inquiry, where each child is visible, valued and prepared for life.
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Mount Madonna School 

At MMS we strive to prepare well-rounded human beings who not only get into and succeed in college, but learn to value collaboration, form meaningful relationships and engage with their local communities, nation and the world. Come see education through our students’ eyes: Montessori-based Pre/K program, 375-acre campus, science and technology labs, competitive athletic program, outdoor adventure and life skills, regional, national and international travel, mixed-grade buddy program, marine biology and oceanography on Catalina Island, visual and performing arts.

For more than 40 years, Mount Madonna School has offered students a quality education based on academic excellence, positive character development and creative self-expression. Preschool through high school; fully accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Mount Madonna is a community of learners dedicated to creative, intellectual and ethical growth. We support our students to become caring, self-aware, discerning and articulate individuals. We believe a fulfilling life includes personal accomplishments, meaningful relationships and service to society.

We Value:

Our learning community, which includes students, alumni, faculty, administrators, staff and families
Intellectual inquiry that fosters a love of learning, self-discipline and perseverance
Continual exploration of how our students learn best
The development of relationships based on self-acceptance, empathy, honesty, integrity, respectful communication and shared experiences
The transformative power of the creative process
Experiential outdoor learning that inspires an appreciation for nature, environmental stewardship and a sense of well-being

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Business Phone Number: (408) 847-2717
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Santa Cruz Waldorf School
Address: 2190 Empire Grade
Santa Cruz CA
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Santa Cruz Waldorf School
Our Mission
Santa Cruz Waldorf School honors students’ individual development and capacities, and nurtures a love of learning through our rich curriculum inspired by Rudolf Steiner. At our rural, forested campus, our community, led by creative Waldorf-trained teachers, encourages the protection of childhood and respect for all life.
Our Vision
Santa Cruz Waldorf School cultivates self-directed, empathetic and free-thinking individuals with the courage and capacities to serve an ever-evolving humanity.

While Waldorf education places heavy emphasis on the formation of value systems, students and parents at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School are not indoctrinated to any particular way of thinking, world-view or religion. On the contrary, a variety of perspectives are presented so each student has a basis from which to make up his or her own mind. The curriculum gives a diverse and well-rounded view of history, government models, religions, gender, and social forms.
Early Childhood
Our Parent-Child program is a wonderful way to introduce your young child, walking to 3 years old, to the classroom experience and for parents to learn more about the rich, developmental approach of Waldorf Education.

Preschool and Kindergarten – Our philosophy has always been to provide a home-like environment for young children, and now our focus will be on supporting parents in creating a sane and healthy home environment. Our program offers significant support and guidance for parents, and daily activities for the children including live audio circle time and story time.

The Grades Environment
One unique aspect of a Waldorf grade school is the class teacher. The class teacher ideally remains with his or her students from first through eighth grade. This system allows the teacher to grow along with the students and facilitates a strong bond of trust between students, parents and teacher. In each grade, the focal point of learning takes place during the ‘Morning Lesson’. Here the class teacher presents in blocks of three to four weeks, major concepts in the various disciplines: math, science, history and literature. Work in the arts supports the academic curriculum by developing the capacity to solve problems creatively. Spanish is taught in all grades through story, song, rhyme, movement and art. Spanish grammar, reading, translation and short plays are introduced beginning in fourth grade. Music plays a major role in the development of the child and is a key element in Waldorf education. A host of dedicated specialty teachers work tirelessly alongside class teachers to provide students with diverse experiences in language, movement, music, arts, athletics and gardening. “Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able, of themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”

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Business Phone Number: (831) 425-0519
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