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rainy-dayRainy Day Fun

Save these all ages Rainy Day suggestions from local parents!

Download pdf: rainy-day-fun

  • We went roller skating at the Palladium. It was a rainy day hit!
  • We watched old family videos from the 90s.
  • Minute to win it games are always fun
  • Play the game Fish Bowl
  • Telephone pictionary! always a good laugh! All you need is scratch paper and pens.
  • Headbands game. It’s an app. It’s basically charades.  OMG this game is the best!
  • Alexa has “Song Quiz” and I think Apple has one too. Basically name that tune.
  • Cards against Humanity or Kids Against Maturity depending on the age range. Cards against humanity family edition is great too.
  • Blow up balloons. Keep them off the floor contest. Silly but easy fun. Have little ones and a tween and this is ALWAYS happening in my house, lol.
  • Tortilla Slap challenge can be hilarious.
  • Lego!
  • Start a puzzle.
  • Board games
  • Jackbox Games is a party game were everyone logs in to a website and submits their answers and an ai gameshow hosts each game. I think it is fun.
  • Movies, baking, homemade face masks, Just Dance videos on YouTube, exercise videos.
  • GoNoodle gets kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves. Sign up for free!
  • Card games, Coloring, dress up
  • On Pinterest search for “minute to win it” games. You won’t be sorry! Such simple household items can make the best games for groups!
  • Balderdash is a great game and ends up being hilarious. You can also DIY it by looking up obscure words on your phone.
  • Guesstures is a family favorite when a lot of us get together because it works for all ages and is hilarious. It’s basically charades but fast.
  • Make scavenger hunts
  • Roller skating at the Palladium, movies, paint pottery.
  • Stacking cup races
  • Musical chairs
  • Wrap a bunch of stuff up in a ball: money, candy etc; Pass it around with timer set for each person.
  • Sardines – Reverse hide and seek. So fun when the adults play. How to play.
  • Charades
  • Murder mysteries where everyone has to be a character! Free Murder Mystery tParty Game from Ruth Ware
  • Twister
  • Phone app game called Heads Up. We played on NYE, fun for all ages.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter or sandbag filling site
  • Make your own snow globes – DIY Snowglobes
  • Cookoff, just dance video game, yoga, coloring…


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