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From a perspective of one whose children are grown I am continuously impressed with today’s generation of parents, especially in light of the 2020 social upheavals! How do they do it?

“I love The Moms I Know podcast with Maria Fahrner and Sheila Walsh Dunton!” The Moms I Know.

“I really love One Bad Mother. Some of the recent episodes are a little wonky since they’re recording during Covid times, but you can honestly start wherever. ” One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast.
Hand in Hand is Motherflipping, Awesome, Peace and Parenting…” Hand in Hand

“They’re not making new episodes anymore, but there are 10-12 years of episodes of The Longest Shortest Time. Lots of great content in there! The host interviews all sorts of parents about all sorts of things. Great journalism and real talk. They don’t shy away from anything!”

I always learn stuff from Joyful Courage. Her kids are teens. She interviews guests and also does solo! Joyful Courage
Janet Lansbury’s podcasts really help me stay calm and be my best self.”  Janet Lansbury Podcast
“I find The Parenting Junkie incredibly insightful and helpful.” The Parenting Junkie
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