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the-food-tree-jill-trodermanJill Troderman certified Holistic Nutritionist is set to disrupt how nutrition education is taught in the United States. The Food Tree Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Curriculum; A Mind, Body, Soul Approach to Teaching Kids How to Eat Well and Be Healthy, is a comprehensive wellness teaching tool and resource guide emphasizes learning about food literacy, plant-based eating, and taking environmental responsibility for ones’ actions.


The Food Tree Curriculum is full of hundreds of thought-provoking activities and is suitable for students of all ages. It includes:

  • Over 50 thought-provoking nutrition lessons
  • Physical activities like cardio/aerobic, strength training, and restorative exercises
  • Inspiring mindfulness activities including gratitude journaling, hand mudras, and saying positive mantras
  • Fun arts and crafts ideas
  • Exciting science experiments
  • Engaging games, handouts, and journal templates
  • Over two dozen nutritious plant-based recipes


The Food Tree demonstrates the how, what, who, why, when, and where of eating, based on peer-reviewed research, so that children can learn how to create a healthy diet and relationship to food and eating. Educators, parents, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, and wellness practitioners can use this resource to teach their children, students, clients, and patients what they need to know about food to create a positive change in their lives and the world around them. “I am passionate about sharing my mission, which is to educate, empower, and inspire kids to navigate the world of food and eating through their connection to their mind, body, and soul,” says Jill Troderman from Santa Cruz, California. “A startling statistic is that over 54% of American kids have a chronic illness. With The Food Tree Curriculum, I am motivated to help reverse that trend by getting this book into peoples’ hands and  classrooms.”


eat-like-a-treeThe Food Tree’s Five Food Groups correlate to five parts of a tree and offers daily recommended servings. The Roots represent Proteins, 5 servings; The Trunk represents Whole Grains, 5 servings; The Branches represent Fats, 3 servings; The Leaves represent Vegetables, 5 servings; The Fruit represents Fruits, 3 servings. To help spread the word about healthy foods and The Food Tree are the trio of Food Tree characters, Nutritia, Vita Boy, and The Nutrition Vampire, that are featured on The Food Tree poster she sells, along with The Food Tree Magnetic Boards, from her website.


Troderman, who jokes that she is “almost vegan” shares, “I am an advocate of eating plant-based nutrient-dense foods, using nutraceuticals and herbs, and practicing a mindful lifestyle to support optimal health,” “One of my motto’s is Create A Diet as Unique as You. It is a powerful message because it permits people to listen to themselves and their bodies to form a diet that truly resonates with their needs.”


Jill Troderman is a certified holistic nutritionist specializing in family and child nutrition counseling and education. She has been teaching The Food Tree method to thousands of students for over 15 years. She is the mother of two grown sons who happen to really enjoy eating kale.


The Food Tree Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Curriculum; A Mind, Body, Soul Approach to Teaching Kids How to Eat Well and Be Healthy

Publication date: 4/26/2020

ISBN: 978-1-7349107-0-4 | 978-1-7349107-1-1

Format: 260 pages, full color

Pricing: Paperback and E-book $34.95

Genre: Elementary and secondary nutrition curriculum Available: Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and other retailers


Contact: Jill Troderman, NC


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