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As special education advocates at Aspire Advocacy, we have seen school districts use a myriad of different tactics used against students and parents seeking IEPs or 504 plans.

Do you ever feel like your child’s school district is playing the “special education” game with you? The one where only they know the rules?

Have you gone to an IEP meeting and only discussed what programs the school wanted to put your student in, but never actually thoroughly discussed your child’s needs?

Or, maybe you’ve heard one of these statements before?


  • “We don’t do that here”
  • “Our district doesn’t have the funding”
  • “We cannot let your child have that service or placement because then everyone will want it”
  • “Your child will never be capable of that so we don’t have to give that service/support”
  • “We cannot put your request in the IEP because it is not on the drop down list”
  • “It is not our policy to do that

As parents, we understand.  As special education advocates, we can help.

Special education IEPs and 504s are difficult mazes to navigate. Most families need help to do it well. The stakes are high and the paths are convoluted and confusing. 

Aspire Advocacy can help you obtain the individualized services your child needs to receive a free and appropriate public education—something that is rightfully theirs. We look forward to working with you and helping your child get the services they are lacking. Children eligible for special education programs are entitled to those services by federal law.

Leigh Monichon and Susie Christensen are well-trained special education advocates with years of direct, in the trenches experience. They are also both mothers of children with multiple disabilities and understand intimately the confusion, stress, and frustration that comes from dealing with school districts.

Utilizing the expertise of talented special education advocates positively impacts the IEP process by putting you—the parent or guardian—on an equal playing field with the school district and ultimately helping ensure your student’s success.

A well-written IEP takes time, knowledge, and precision. Getting professional help will stop the game-playing, delays, ineffective meetings, and quickly get your child an appropriate IEP.

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