Kasey Lindemann, Leader Four Points Youth Camp

I have loved summer camp since I was 7 years old. I am from Illinois originally and attended an overnight 4-h camp called Camp Shaw-Waw-Nas-See. I always felt proud of myself and super empowered after a week of camp and I have always wanted to provide an experience like that for campers.

Four Points is definitely inspired by my own experiences at camp both as a camper and a counselor. We have a whole program area dedicated to camp games. These are games traditionally played at camps. They can be used as an ice breaker or to bring campers together. These activities used to make me feel so included and made it so easy to make friends. I knew I needed a special program area dedicated to these timeless games.

As a high school student I always knew I wanted to work with children. I was a camp counselor and I babysat during the school year. I decided the most logical thing for me to major in would be Education. After a few education courses, I decided that teaching was not for me. My guidance counselor knew that I had experience working at summer camp and suggested a major I had never heard of before: Recreation Administration. Recreation Administration is A program that focuses on the principles underlying recreational and leisure activities, and the practices involved in providing indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and services for the general public. Once I got into my major I took classes that would help me run and operate a summer camp.

One of my classes, Camp Administration, was based on a book by the American Camp Association. Since graduating I have worked as the childcare coordinator for the YMCA. I Resigned a few years ago so I could start Four Points.

four-points-youth-campFour Points is a hands-on learning experience centered around fun and self-esteem building. Instead of the traditional classroom setting we will be outside learning how to code, playing sports, making different kinds of arts and crafts, and playing many camp games which you wouldn’t find in a school setting.

My Personal favorite camp activities are watercolor paintings, Polaroid scrapbook journals, Color Competition, and coding a robot to navigate an obstacle course.

Four Points is unique because we offer a little bit of everything for a competitive price. This camp was designed to provide a well-rounded experience for each camper. By offering Sports, Technology, Arts and Crafts, as well as Camp Games campers get the chance to really find something they love to do. Each program matches the unique theme of the week.  Our arts and crafts are also unique. They are not always a typical “day camp” craft. We have everything from Drama days, to sand castle sculpting, to your typical water color painting.

Four Points Summer Camp – – is located on the Orchard School Campus, Aptos

(831) 428-4905

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