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Galen, Becca, and Travis, Fieldguides’ Outdoor Education Leaders

Eighteen years ago, three young kids took off for an 11-day backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps Wilderness with our three camp counselors and 6 other campers, today we work together leading Fieldguides Outdoor Education. That trip was one of many experiences that taught us how incredibly transformative spending time outside together can be. We each know how much backpacking and outdoor education has enriched our lives and we are so grateful to work in sharing our love, knowledge, and passion in a way that we believe fosters a stronger sense of self, community, and connection to the natural world.

fieldguides-galenGalen Camp, General Manager

My parents founded Fieldguides Inc. in 1983 with a vision of teaching future generations the importance of the world around them. They created intimate, family-style camping programs for schools and led adventurous and inspiring backpacking trips for individuals of all ages. I was fortunate enough to grow up attending the programs and have amazing outdoor educators inspire and teach me from a young age. The best part was not only were they my teachers, they were my friends. They cared as much about me as a person as they did about what I learned. That care is what sticks with me today and remains central to all Fieldguides programs. I have spent the last 15 years working as an outdoor educator and backpacking guide and one aspect that brings me great joy is seeing the caring communities it creates. I now manage Fieldguides with two of my oldest friends, many of our staff are former campers, and our board of directors has several employees from when I was a kid. Being a part of multiple generations all working together to help others, enjoy, learn about, and care for the outdoors is a life changing experience, one that I am so pleased to share with others.

fieldguides-travisTravis, General Manager

I had the opportunity to play and learn in some amazing outdoor public spaces in California as a kid, and I realized early on that spending time camping or backpacking made me happier and more energetic than being cooped up indoors. I think so many other kids would come to that retaliation too, if they had the same exposure I did. Working for Fieldguides gives me the chance to help kids do just that. On the educational side of things, I love learning about and teaching science. I have a B.S. in Ecology and have worked in outdoor education for nearly a decade. Being exposed to the power of outdoor education in school- from elementary to college level- has inspired me to help the next generation of students have the same opportunity.

Becca, Program Outreach & Development

fieldguides-beccaGrowing up, my dad was the director of a wilderness backpacking camp and I’ve spent nearly every summer of my life in the mountains. It was this love of the outdoors that led me to pursue science in school. I earned a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching and obtain my teaching certification. I taught Middle School Science for 6 years with a strong emphasis on project based learning. I took my students outside for labs and activities as much as possible and continued to spend my summers in the mountains working as a camp counselor. In my new role at Fieldguides, I get to combine my love of nature with my love of learning and teaching. It is incredibly rewarding, and so fun to share the thrill of exploring and learning about the great outdoors with the next generation.

At Fieldguides, we are lucky to be able to share our passion for the outdoors with youth. The unique family style camping format of our school programs helps bring teachers, chaperones, and students together – sleeping in tents and cooking communally. We go out on exploratory hikes, play games, and learn about the history and ecology of the beautiful places we visit.

Our individual backpacking programs in the spring and summer offer youth a chance to disconnect from screens and reconnect with one another and the world around them. Whether peering over the edge of a tidepool with classmates or gazing up at the stars with new found friends, the shared experiences of time spent learning outdoors teaches indispensable lessons and builds lifelong friendships.

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