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Athena’s Advanced Academy
Short Business Description: Online courses for gifted kids & teens
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Athena’s Advanced Academy


Athena’s Advanced Academy creates an inspiring learning environment with dynamic, interactive online courses with live weekly webinars for gifted and talented students, including 2e.

We help parents educate their gifted children so they can nurture their child’s development to the highest potential. Dedicated, passionate educators support and encourage Athena’s students to develop their talents and grow into confident, proficient lifelong learners.

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California Virtual Academy K-12
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California Virtual Academy, California, K-12

Our network of nine California Virtual Academies uses the K12 online curriculum to offer California students in grades K–12 an engaging learning experience. With personalized learning approaches, the academies and K12 provide the tools kids need to succeed—in school and beyond.

Here’s why California families have chosen the network of nine California Virtual Academies for their kids:

Our experienced, California-credentialed teachers, who are available online, by phone, and during in-person meetings.


The rigorous, engaging K12 curriculum, that covers both the core subject areas and electives. This curriculum packages high-quality lessons that help students achieve success at each and every level.


The online planning and assessment tools, resources, and hands-on materials* ranging from textbooks to microscopes, rocks and dirt to beautifully illustrated classic children’s stories, and much more.


Our active, supportive school community, which organizes fun and informative monthly activities where California Virtual Academies’ parents, students, and staff share their successes, helpful hints, and more.


The rigorous, tuition-free online public education that enables a learning experience that is personalized for each childThe network of the nine California Virtual Academies is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for all academies, grades K–12, with the exception of our newest programs which are in the accreditation process.

Our Mission
The mission of the network of the nine California Virtual Academies is to provide California students with an excellent education, grounded in high academic standards, which will help them achieve their full academic and social potential.

The core philosophy of the California Virtual Academies is that all young people can achieve academic excellence if they are provided rigorous instruction, high standards, informed guidance, and individual attention. Although we use the computer as a learning tool, we believe that education is primarily a human endeavor that relies on caring individuals, involved parents, and committed teachers.

Our Vision
The network of the nine California Virtual Academies will serve as an example of how a school’s parents, students, and teachers can reach their goals of achieving an excellent education through the effective use of technology. In conception, design, and delivery, the schools will be a model of innovation and excellence.


*Course materials vary by course and school. Please check with your school about offline course materials.

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Business Phone Number: 866.339.6787
Cartooning Classes for Kids
Address: 317 Hames Hollow, Aptos, CA
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Cartooning Classes for Kids
Specializing in cartooning classes for kids of all ages, Kiwi Studios owner Jon Hastings has taught cartooning for nearly three decades to hundreds of students in schools, museums and civic arts programs. His classes are geared to all levels of ability and skill and can be customized to individuals or groups.

Jon Hastings, professional cartoonist, writer and art teacher, teaches you and/or your kids the semi-honorable art of CARTOONING directly right at you in your own home through the magic of ZOOM!


Profesional toon-monkey for 27 years, teacher for 30
Has taught hundreds of students and the majority of them turned out OK!
Owns 75 Hawaiian shirts and if you want, will wear a different one for each class.
Has been known to tolerate children for several hours at a time.
Classes are $50/hour and scheduling is flexible.
Discount for multiple students.

Business Phone Number: 831-761-5494
Hillsdale College Online Courses
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Hillsdale College Online Courses

Free Courses : All courses are available free of charge to any who wish to learn.

These free, not-for-credit courses are taught by Hillsdale College faculty and are patterned after the education offered on the Hillsdale College campus. They aim to provide students with an education that pursues knowledge of the highest things, provides insight into the nature of God and man, forms character, and defends constitutional government.

Millions of people have taken Hillsdale College online courses. Select a course to join them and start learning today.

Online Courses 

Constitution 101: the Meaning and History of the Constitution;  The Great American Story, A Land of Hope;  Classic Children’s Literature –



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Homeschool Association of California
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Homeschool Association of California

The Homeschool Association of California is a nonprofit volunteer-run homeschool organization.

TOLL-FREE PHONE LINE  888-472-4440
Do you have an urgent question or problem? Do you need information quickly? Volunteer homeschooling parents take turns answering our toll-free phone line and they are ready to help you find the help and information you need. If you are looking for support, please call us today!

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