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Which Smart Watch for Kids?

Look up kids smart watches and the results can overwhelm you with choices –games, mp3 players, pedometers, cameras, alarm clock, sleep monitors– when all you want in a kid’s smart watch is simple communication like talk/text, gps, parent-programmed contacts (maybe sos) to make connections when picking up from school, soccer games, swim practice.

Local moms to the rescue! Here’s what they like based on real time experience with YOUNG kids (5-11 or so).

smart-watch-apple-kidApple Watch was the right thing for us. It is $10/month to be on my Verizon account. I have it set up in child mode so I can set who my kid can call/text. My kid cannot lose it, he just wears it like a watch. No games, just simple communication.

smart-watch-gabbGabb Watch.  We have two of the Gabb watches and love them! They’re 50% off right now: GET50 or SAVE50 for 50% off.  Also found the code Greta30 for 30% off.  The Gabb watch allows up to 10 contacts for your kiddo to call/text and vice-versa, gps, and apparently a lock out mode while in school. Gabb Phone Z2

smart-watch-gizmoGizmoWatch. My kids used the GizMo Pal by Verizon we loved it!  It’s $3.30/month.  GizmoWatch 2: Kids smartwatch | real-time location | Verizon

smart-watch-tick-talkMyTickTalk.  We like this one.  Best Kids Smartwatch Phone | TickTalk 4

Before you buy, consider these suggestions from smart watch reviewers:

  • If you buy a kids’ smartwatch for your child with the intention of being able to connect to it from your smartphone, make sure your do your homework first to be sure the two devices are compatible.
  • For your safety: Check to see that the smartwatch you choose has decent security and encryption. You would not want your child’s personal information to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Check with teachers to make sure they will allow smart watches in the classroom, especially if you can control silencing it during class hours.

You can find the following features on adult smartwatches as well as some (but not all) smartwatches for kids.

  • Bluetooth: This feature allows the watch wearer to connect with other Bluetooth devices.
  • Texting: A child with a text-enabled smartwatch can receive texts from Mom and Dad.
  • Camera: Some smartwatches have forward-facing cameras, meaning kids will have fun taking selfies as well as videos.
  • Fitness/activity tracker: A child wearing a smartwatch with fitness-tracking abilities may be able to tell you how many steps he took at school today.
  • Media player: A smartwatch with a media player delivers the entertainment goods. Music, TV, and movies are all within reach on some smart watches. Notably, this could be a distraction for a child in school.
  • Calendar: Using a built-in smartwatch calendar, a child can track sports practices, homework due dates, and more. Of course, she might still need some reminders from Mom and Dad.
  • GPS: The benefit of having GPS around your child’s wrist is a good one, indeed. But as mentioned above, this feature is not always 100% reliable.
  • Emergency information: You can load emergency information onto a smartwatch. This allows the wearer to be identified in case of an emergency.





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