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Trauma, ACEs, & Toxic Stress, Tools for Prevention & Healing

“Kidpower’s new Mental Health page provides tools for mental health professionals, educators, and parents – and a special new resource for teens and young adults.

On this page, you will find a joyful video with Licensed Clinical Social Worker John Luna-Sparks, where he describes how incorporating Kidpower safety lessons into therapy has helped his clients, including this inspiring success story:

I saw a client in their teens who had been sexually harassed. They were so traumatized that they did not want to go back to school. They were not sleeping, they were losing their hair, they were having nightmares. We reached a point in therapy where so many things got better, but two things remained: ongoing nightmares and a fear of going back to school. So, I brought in Kidpower skills. We did Kidpower practices for two sessions, and they started going back to school. And, they had no more nightmares!

Find print & posts downloads to share skills with adults & teens

You’ll also find a powerful article describing the connections between Kidpower and preventing and addressing toxic stress, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences, Hope and Healing with Kidpower, by Jan Isaacs Henry, M.A, a former psychotherapist who specialized in the treatment of trauma and abuse. Jan is also the executive director and co-founder of Kidpower of Colorado.

And, we are excited to share our new mobile-friendly Take Charge of Your Mental Health module and printable downloads with QR codes to post in your lobby, office, class, cafeteria, community room. Designed for young adults with generous funding from the AEO Foundation, it’s useful for teens and adults of all ages!

We look forward to your feedback about our new Mental Health resources – please email with your suggestions and questions.”

Best wishes always,

Irene van der Zande, Executive Director & Founder

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