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Moms Share: Screen Time Rebels


  • I have an amazing 7 year old. She loved school. She reads above grade level, she’s good at math and now Zoom destroys her. We had not/do not do “screens” very much so this has been a big switch. She is ok with the schoolwork (math, reading, writing) she does via google classroom or SeeSaw but each Zoom lesson reduces her to a puddle. She just is overwhelmed. I’ve decided to pull the plug (ha ha) on Zoom for her which will mean she won’t “see” her school friends anymore which is sad. Anyone else seeing this in their child?Top of Form


  • Yes! My 3rd grader was the same way. I noticed it by the first few weeks of “zoom” learning. I didn’t force it at all and encouraged her to not get caught up in having to do zoom. She still connects with her friends with FaceTime or we allow her to ride her bike up and down the street with neighborhood kids (we’ve found bikes being great for kids. They’re nowhere near 6’ and getting exercise and getting that social interaction.) I was so pressured to “have to” get her doing what’s assigned but I honestly feel it was hurting more than helping. She’s getting her work done through google classroom and using the rest of her day playing. She’s even said every time she did zoom, she could’ve finished half of her homework. And she still has her handful of friends (not even in her class) that she really wants to spend time chatting with on FaceTime.


  • Absolutely. Mine can barely stand social meetings, much less academic ones. I myself prefer phone convos rather than FaceTime if I have to really concentrate.


  • Mine (6 yo) won’t say a word and turns into a puddle for any kind of video now. He won’t even let me record him reading.


  • And if we are now the home teachers we have to do what works best.


  • My 7 year old was feeling bogged down with the Monday Zoom (announcing all the assignments for the entire week!) and ALL the other online assignments. I let the teacher know we’d be completing the phonics and math without the multiple videos on Google Classroom. Instead we’re completing the worksheets for this instead after I give her a mini lesson. It’s not healthy to have our young children on screens so much and I encourage all parents to remain aware of this. There’s a lot of pressure from administrators for teachers to assign everything online. I’m a teacher so I know. We have to keep a balance in mind (screens/paper/free time/exercise/etc). If we’re not able to find that balance because of school expectations then we need to advocate for our kids, starting with your child’s teacher.
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