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Board Games 2023

Copy this great list of games that local parents recommend based on experience!

Racko is easy for little kids but still fun for grown ups. We like Blokus.

We just got Codenames – they have different versions for different age ranges. Catan Jr is fun and your kids could play adult Catan but fair warning… it’s long and tricky to set up at first!

Pass the Pigs!


boardgame-exploding-kittens-We play a lot of games because of our 6 year old! Exploding Kittens, Trash Pandas, Sequence, Apples to Apples Jr and Poison are in our rotation.

Phase 10 & Rummikub. I just played Connect 4 Flip which was fun and challenging!

Blank Slate. Super fun.

We enjoy Set and Cover Your Assets. Catan is fun but I would say it’s for older kids.

Pictionary with a white board. And they have a website to generate words

Phase 10 is a great card game

Blockus and Dizzio’s

Kids against Maturity!

boardgame-exploding-kittens-We love:  Kids against Maturity, Matermind, Battleship, Exploding Kittens, Tetris, Scrabble Jr,  5 Sec Rule Jr.

Loud librarian, Sequence!

We stink at family games but can all get behind Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card deck; it requires very little learning and is just goofy fun

Pencil nose, Telestrations, Pick Up Sticks, Bogle, Charades

Rat a Tat Cat is great! Sleeping Queens! Skip Bo and Trash

Life and Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Blank Slate is fun

What Do You Meme makes us all laugh every single time.

5 Crowns is a favorite.

We love Yahtzee!

We are big into games and several of our favorites are recommended here. I would also add Moose Master, which is hilarious, and Pit, which is fast and loud. Both are super fun!

Codenames is fun but I think it’s best with at least two teams of three.

boardgames-melissa-and-doug-suspend-family-gameCatch Phrase is so fun!

We love playing Spoons, super easy to teach and great for all ages

Ticket to Ride. They have a junior version too. Catan has a junior version. Zombie Dice is a short faster game as is Sushi Go.

What do You Meme, Phase 10, and Suspend are amazing.

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game (31 pcs) – Wire Balance Game, Family Game Night Activities for Kids Ages 8+

Left Center Right.














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