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Little Free Libraries in Santa Cruz

Give and take. Borrow, Return. Share.

The history of libraries is a journey through civilization.  Not so many centuries ago books were rare and laboriously hand-written by monks in monasteries.  With the invention of the printing press, books were printed and circulated more widely, at first among the wealthy and gradually among a greater audience.  Next came the growth of great public libraries, at first private and eventually free.  A current and most delightful trend is the placement of free, individual Little Libraries in parks, private homes, and public locations like police or fire stations, churches and government buildings.

ittle-free-library-logoWe had been growing a list from sources here and there when we discovered a national Little Free Library website. There we found many more Santa Cruz County libraries.  We’ve added them all to our list.  Some of them are even Little Free Food Pantries, and one homeowner in Aptos offers Little Free Flowers. We suspect there are more unreported libraries and hope you will share their locations with us!

If you know of an area that could benefit from a free little-free-library, every month Little Free Library grants no-cost little libraries to underserved neighborhoods. See where they donated libraries recently!

Print Little Free Libraries – Santa Cruz County: little-free-libraries-v.5

Little Free Libraries – Santa Cruz County


216 Appeton Dr

319 Arthur Ave

545 Bayview Dr

Cheryl Way

107 Farley Dr

415 Hillcrest Drive

785 Loma Prieta Rd

220 Mar Vista Dr #30

9310/9320 Monroe Ave

216 Monte Vista Dr

Pleasant Valley Rd & Del Valle

Poplar & Oakdale Dr

508 Seacliff Dr

401 St Andrews Dr

3795 Vienna Drive

Seacliff Village County Park


Ben Lomond

250 Main St



12519 Coleman



1550 45th St

5024 Garnet Street

Malibu Dr

603 Oak Dr

Opal St & 47th St

204 Saxon Ave

Pleasure Point

33rd Avenue

Nova Ave


Santa Cruz

845 40th Ave

36th & Portola

23 Acacia Way

224 Alta Ave

5420 Bonny Doon Rd

205 Brook Ave

Centennial & Nevada

1750 Chanticleer

1975 Chanticleer Ave

905 Daniel Ct

Dufour St

421 Escalona Dr

Fair & Hardy

114 Fairbanks St

220 Fridley Dr

432 Gladys Ave & Laurel

Grover Ln & Walnut

Hanover & Soquel

Homeless Garden Project

525 Laurent St

Katherine Ln

120 King St

Laurent & Highland

Market & Grant

1558 Merrill St

205Mountain Way


Santa Cruz – continued


N. Branciforte & Doyle

47 Pasatiempo Dr

111 Princeton St

1001 Rodriguez

3241 Roland Dr

3565 Roland Dr

215 Sheldon Ave

338 San Juan Ave

5200 Soquel Dr.

3241 Roland Dr

3565 Roland Dr

215 Sheldon Ave

338 San Juan Ave

5200 Soquel Dr.

239 S. Branciforte

332 S. Branciforte Ave

908 Sumner St

Seaside & Younglove

Sumner& Effey

217 Seaview Ave

243 Vista Bella Dr

118 Younger Way



Scotts Valley

400 Airstream Ct

184 Bobs Lane

1050 Lockhart Gulch Rd

N. Navarro

109 Oak  Creek Blvd

133 Vine Hill Rd

745 Whispering Pines Dr



Blanca Ave

3440 Crestline Way

3420 Hardin Way

2119 Old San Jose Rd

109 Serrell  Rd

Vista Dr



78 Arthur Rd

19 Benito Ave, La Selva Beach

Marinovich Park & Community Center

52 Monterey Vista Drive

Pinto Lake County Park



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