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Read this introduction to Kidpower’s Extensive Expertise on Bullying, however it is but the tip of the resources Kidpower offers.

After reading it go here to learn about all Kidpower has to offer.

Most bullying, including adult-to-adult bullying, can be stopped or prevented when everyone involved learns and uses core social-emotional safety skills. We teach:

  • Social-emotional safety skills to be safe from bullying and cyberbullying at all ages
  • Safety leadership strategies for adults to ensure that everyone in their homes, schools, and workplaces is safe from bullying and harassment
  • Positive intervention and coaching skills to guide those using bullying behaviors to replace them with pro-social behaviors.

We provide tailored support for dealing with specific types of bullying such as social aggression, cyberbullying, adult-to-adult bullying, and prejudice-based bullying and harm.

See Kidpower answers to common questions โ€“ and use the suggested resources and books to protect children from bullying.

Our Online Learning Center courses include lessons you can use right now to build your own skills and empower others.

To explore workshop options, see our Programs for Schools, our Workshops page โ€“ or just contact us!

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