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How can I protect my child from school shootings?

As so many parents, educators, and caring adults are struggling with this heartbreaking question, Kidpower led a special free online program for adults on June 2, 2022, “School Shootings: How do we protect our kids?” We had such a tremendous response from the 250 people who enrolled that we decided to make the recording widely available.

One participant wrote this after the class:

“Violence in our schools is one of the most devastating problems that our society needs to fix. It can be overwhelming to even talk about it, especially in the immediate wake of the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting, which broke all of our hearts. Irene van der Zande approached this formidable challenge with incredible compassion, actionable ideas, and skills. Her talk lifted me up, and gave me ideas for productive steps I can take to advocate for increased safety and well-being in my own community. Thank you, Irene, for sharing your wisdom with us—it really made a difference.” – Dr. Amy Tiemann, best selling author and mother

Along with the recording, we will soon have a written transcript of the content and a version with Spanish translation. We are also planning to get the video captioned in English and Spanish.

We are deeply saddened by the violence, loss, and grief that is leading to the growing need for this kind of safety information – and, we are inspired by the many adults dedicated to protecting kids in the face of such violence – and glad that we can provide resources to help them help young people in their lives be safe.

Click here to watch the workshop recording

As a non-partisan organization, Kidpower does NOT address laws or political issues. Instead, we provide knowledge and skills that parents, educators, and other caring adults can use right away to help to keep their kids and themselves emotionally and physically safe.

The workshop included positive and practical knowledge and skills about what each of us can say and do right now to protect our children’s emotional safety after a tragedy has happened; to make safety plans with and for our schools that everyone understands and has practiced; to prepare our children in how to take charge of their safety in different kinds of emergencies in ways that are age-appropriate and not scary; and to reduce the risks of someone becoming violent.

Kidpower International’s commitment is to work with people of all beliefs worldwide who want to learn and use our programs to help as many families, schools, organizations, workplaces, and communities as possible.

With great appreciation for your commitment to safety,

Irene van der Zande

Executive Director and Founder

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