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Recurring Event Event Series: Suki’s Classes at Athena’s

Suki’s Classes at Athena’s

August 4, 2021 @ 1:00 pm


Suki’s Classes at Athena’s

Signup now; Begin August 11 or 12

Yum! A class about food and eating

An online course with Suki Wessling at Athena’s Advanced Academy
You eat every day, but what do you know about food? In this class we’ll learn about food, talk about food, try new foods, make food, and eat food! We’ll explore the history of humans and food, find out what flavor is and how you make it, explore food science, learn about nutrition, look into food production, make holiday foods, discuss the ethics of food, find out what people eat in different places, and eat, eat, eat! Since this is an online course, the hands-on portion of the course will need the participation of a food-loving adult. Get ready to take the yummiest course at Athena’s!
8 weeks starting Wednesday, August 11
Wednesdays, 1 pm Pacific

Click here for information and enrollment: https://athenasacademy.com/courses/yum-a-class-about-food-and-eating/
Promotional video: https://youtu.be/nTMKJkW9eWw

Teen Homeroom

with Goal-setting
An online course with Suki Wessling at Athena’s Advanced Academy 
Teen Homeroom creates a space for teens to explore their personal and educational goals, make plans for their current and future education, and support each other. The Homeroom is a once-a-week meeting place for students the way that “homeroom” would be in high school. Although they will all be taking different courses—some at Athena’s or other online schools, some at their local school, some from private teachers or through self-study—they will come together to discuss the work they have, learn time management and organization techniques, learn about the teen brain, and explore their options.
This 16-week course is geared toward supporting teens as they negotiate the complexities of social development, high school academics, early college academics, and career development. I welcome Goal-Setting graduates to join me in Homeroom!

  • Students who have already taken Suki’s Goal-Setting for Teens course will start immediately into Homeroom, meeting weekly and forming plans for their semester and beyond.
  • Students who have not taken Suki’s Goal-Setting for Teens course will start in Homeroom integrated with the initial 7-week Goal-Setting course.
  • The course includes a bonus Parent Session halfway through.
  • After completion of the Goal-Setting course, the 50-minute Homeroom portion of the course continues for the rest of the semester, so that students can keep themselves on task and support each other.
  • Each semester integrates students new to Goal-Setting with veteran students who are continuing in Homeroom to create a focal point for their high school education.

16 weeks starting August 11 includes one parent meeting (time t.b.a.)
Wednesdays, 3-4 or 4:15 pm Pacific

Click here for information and enrollment: https://athenasacademy.com/courses/teen-homeroom-with-goal-setting/
Note: Webinars for the first 7 weeks are longer to integrate the Goal-Setting session. You can enroll in either version of the course from this link.
Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeZ8SUp-WKI

Teen Writer’s Lab

An online course with Suki Wessling at Athena’s Advanced Academy 
This workshop is for avid writers 13 and over who want to read and write in an interactive community. Our focus is on developing fluency, creativity, and depth in our writing. During our webinar, we focus on community writing support and using writing prompts. In the classroom, students read and respond to examples of published writing, share more of their writing, and support each other. Video and text about writing offer food for thought and inspiration. This teens-only section allows teens to interact and bond with their developmental peers. The low workload outside of class allows teens who are pursuing a rigorous high school curriculum to maintain a connection to their creative side.
Year-long course starting August 12, webinars are 90 minutes
Thursdays, 4-5:30 pm Pacific

Click here for information and enrollment: https://athenasacademy.com/courses/writers-lab-teens-fall/
Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0OoyamCY9c

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