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Akido Santa Cruz
Address: 306 Mission St.
Santa Cruz
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Short Business Description: Aikido is an energetic, non-competitive Japanese martial art.
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Join us for an exciting week of training in Aikido. Aikido is an energetic, non-competitive Japanese martial art. The guiding principle is creating harmony. Learn non-violent resolutions to conflict, while having fun in a safe environment. The week will be filled with learning Aikido techniques, Aiki games, rolling, ‘blending,’ and centering. Special classes will include a day of out door training with the wooden samurai sword, a session of Japanese brush calligraphy, and sushi to eat on the last day. Beginners welcome.

Business Website Address: https://www.aikidosantacruz.org/
Business Phone Number: 831-423-8326
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no information

Business Phone Number: 831 345-6340
Camp Harmon
Address: 16403 Highway 9
Boulder Creek
Short Business Description: Camping opportunities for hundreds of people with disabilities
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Camp Harmon

Camp Harmon continues to be a magical place, offering camping opportunities to hundreds of people with disabilities, thanks to the donations of many generous supporters. Camp Harmon is accredited by the American Camp Association and serves campers ages 8 to 65. Each session is designed for a specific age group and for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities. The camper to counselor ratio for Camp Harmon is 3 campers per 1 counselor, and campers live in cabin groups that typically consist of six campers and two staff.

Business Website Address: https://www.campharmon.org/
Business Phone Number: 831-684-2380
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Camp Kesem UCSC
Address: UCSC
Santa Cruz
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Short Business Description: Camp Kesem supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer
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A child’s friend through and beyond a parent’s cancer

Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders,
that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer.
We serve children who have lost a parent to cancer, have a parent undergoing cancer treatment, or whose parent is a cancer survivor – an estimated population of over 5 million children in the United States. Camp Kesem runs over 100 weeks of fun, action-packed and 100% free-of-charge camps from coast-to-coast every summer. Serving children ages 6 to 18, our campers experience a warm and loving environment with other children who have similar life experiences. This community provides the foundation for confidence building, improved communication skills, enhanced life outlook and attitude.

Business Phone Number: 831-204-0217
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Camp Opportunity
Short Business Description: Camp Opportunity serves children who are referred through specific community organizations
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We seek to achieve our goal through the following objectives:

Match each camper one-on-one with a counselor for the week, providing them with continuity and mentorship that can continue throughout the year and each summer.
Facilitate a wide-range of activities, including the Discovery curriculum, which have a focus on coping skills and promoting the positive attitude “I can.”
Create opportunities whereby each camper can experience success.
Help our campers develop skills to face their own circumstances and to make safe life choices outside of camp.
Provide campers with the experience of developing positive relationships with adults that can be transferred to their community, school and home

Our goal is to provide a quality camp experience for up to 65 children each summer; to accomplish that goal we need your help. There are several volunteer positions that are needed each summer and while each is different in their specific role, we all work together as one cohesive team to achieve the goals of our program.

Business Website Address: http://www.campopp.org/
Business Phone Number: 831-239-2323
Code Naturally
Short Business Description: We’ll teach your kids how to code!
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Programming is communicating your ideas to a computer in a language designed to make that communication easy and intuitive. By learning this language, you and your students can create almost anything and get a head start on a major 21st Century Skill. At Code Naturally, we emphasize self-paced curriculum and collaborative support to help students excel at coding and creating.

COLLABORATION   Learning to code is a team sport. Students quickly learn the value of working together to fix bugs and to pursue large project ideas.

CRITICAL THINKING   Students must understand what they’re trying to get the computer to do before they can communicate it.

CREATIVITY   Students have creative freedom over how they choose to fulfill project requirements and can always code their own projects for fun.

Business Website Address: http://codenaturally.com
Business Phone Number: 831-508-7373
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Digital Media Academy
Address: Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos
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Short Business Description: Empowering the Next Generation of Tech Makers and Thinkers
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DMA: Empowering the Next Generation of Tech Makers and Thinkers Create the next. At Digital Media Academy, we encourage and inspire kids and teens to become the next generation of developers, animators, filmmakers, photographers, designers and engineers! Our tech camps feature hands-on, project-based learning using the latest in virtual reality, wearable technology, robotics, 3D printing and more! Our Made By Girls initiative is dedicated to empowering girls through a specialized learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science. What will you create? Come join us this summer!

Business Website Address: https://www.digitalmediaacademy.org/
Business Phone Number: 866-656-3342
Tara Redwood Summer Camp
Address: 5810 Prescott Rd, Soquel
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Short Business Description: Tara Redwood School’s summer camp, Into the Heart of Nature, is located in an extraordinary setting nestled in the redwoods of the Nisene Marks Forest.
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Tara Redwood School’s summer camp, Into the Heart of Nature, is located in an extraordinary setting nestled in the redwoods of the Nisene Marks Forest. We will offer cooperative games, creek exploration, habitat studies, animal observations, skits, nature art, yoga, capoeira, parkour, sports and explore the various elements that support all life. For children 10 years old and up, we will offer a junior counselor program for skill-building leadership. Our summer camp educators are highly experienced in outdoor activities and wildlife studies. At Tara Redwood’s Camp, children learn social skills and kindness through developing a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of nature to all parts of life. The program is an extension of Tara Redwood’s CCC pedagogy in which practicing mindfulness, developing empathy and exploring ways to help others, children are guided to feel empowered and how to make a positive difference in the world. Tara Summer Campers want to return year after year to participate in this engaging, fun, and unique values-based environmental program for 3–5 years & 6–10 and older. Find out more at tararedwoodschool.org

Business Phone Number: 831-462-9632
Tender Blossoms Preschool
Address: 116 Trescony St.
Santa Cruz, CA
Short Business Description: Tender Blossoms is a place where your child will be sheltered from the stresses of the world, able to blossom, fruit, and find their roots.
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Tender Blossoms is a place where your child will be sheltered from the stresses of the world, able to blossom, fruit, and find their roots. We offer your child a world filled with song, the wonders of nature, nourishing foods, and the love of friends.

The mission of Tender Blossoms Preschool and Family Home Daycare is to skillfully and lovingly meet the needs of working families for high quality childcare. It is to hold a safe space for young children to learn, play, and create in harmony with their surroundings and each other. It is to nourish young children with healthy food, rest, and play.

At Tender Blossoms, we offer both Daycare and Preschool curriculum. Infants and toddlers enroll for full day care, and preschoolers have the option of a shorter day, if desired. The mixed age setting offers each child a chance to settle into a home away from home, and seamlessly transition to a preschool environment, without having to switch facility or go through separation anxiety. Infants and toddlers are engaged in developmentally appropriate challenges and given the highest quality care imaginable.

Preschoolers are offered plenty of time to play and “do their work,” modeling meaningful work of their teachers, and engaging in free play with their friends. Additionally, there are daily offerings of music circles, dance activities, watercolor painting, and plenty of puzzles, building, and other manipulative play.

Business Website Address: https://tenderblossomspreschool.com/
Business Phone Number: 831 239-0117
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Address: 16 Victor Square
Suite E
Scotts Valley
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Short Business Description: We’ll be spending summer Tuesdays twirling through Storybook Adventures in Ballet!
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We’ll be spending summer Tuesdays twirling through Storybook Adventures in Ballet! Each Tuesday will be focused around a classical ballet story and includes: free play activities as campers arrive, a ballet class (of course!), snack time, craft time, dance game and more. Every child should know what it feels like to dance! This is the founding principle of Tutu School. We believe that motor skill development is infinitely enhanced by Tchaikovsky and Bach, that young imaginations benefit immensely from exploring the enchanted worlds of swans and sugar plums, and that twirling should be a fundamental part of any childhood.

Cost is $20.00/day for Monthly Members, or $60.00/day for new students not currently enrolled in classes. A $20.00 non-refundable deposit is due at registration.
July 7, 14, 21, 28 & August 4, 11, 18 25 are: Tutu Tuesday Camp Days at Tutu School Scotts Valley. Drop your 3-8 year old off at 9:00 am to noon for Tutu Tuesday Camp!

Business Website Address: https://www.tutuschool.com/scottsvalley
Business Phone Number: 831.227.2244
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family camps

Business Website Address: https://www.ymcasv.org/camp-campbell
Business Phone Number: 831/338-2128
Adventure Sports Unlimited
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 Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) is an aquatics center that teaches people the fun to play in water. We bring people together, teach them to the best of their abilities, outfit them with gear to fit their potential, arrange adventures to use their new skills, and eat well. It seems only appropriate that when you have a bunch of adventure enthusiasts together at an exotic aquatic environment, after a day of SCUBA diving, that a bit of seafood foraging will result in a wonderful gourmet meal to toast the day.

The essence of our plot is unrelenting fun and through this joy we will impart superior skills and safety. The ASU facility has a tropically heated training pool with hot tub, retail shop to serve your swimming and dive needs, classroom, and loaded it with water toys for people to play with. For 38 years,we have been successfully teaching the joys of being in water through the recreational sport of SCUBA for all ages and Adventure Sports Swim School.  Additionally we offer outstanding travel adventures. Find your next adventure through Adventure Sports Unlimited. Family Offerings  Seafood Foraging  &  Kelp Pickling

Adventure Sports Swim School  Learning to swim is a new and exciting experience for children. For the past 35 years Adventure Sports has taught over 25,000 children to swim in a positive, warm environment. Our instructors strive to develop a trusting special relationship with each child, encouraging them in a gentle, but firm manner to exceed their limits as their abilities grow. We maintain a high quality and individual accomplishment through small group lessons. We want your potential swimmers to have confidence in the water. In the end, this means technique, safety, and bright, happy smiles for everyone.

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Business Phone Number: 831-359-0850