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Allison Livingston, Parent Coach and founder of 5 Steps to Connect to your Strong Willed Child
Address: 145 Riviera Dr., Aptos, CA
Short Business Description: Do you argue and conflict more than you’d like with your strong willed child? Join our community for learning and support for parents with strong willed children. We all have one and know it’s not easy; we don’t have to do it alone!
Long Business Description:

We created 5 Steps To Connect to bring together parents of strong willed children to learn how to transform intense, hard interactions into chances to grow and connect so we can feel more peace and joy in our families.

We understand you, why it’s hard, what you need.

All of us have a strong willed child so we get walking on eggshells to avoid reactions, rigid No! and intense energy.

Our dream is for all parents with a strong willed child to relate with more ease. After I used the 5 Steps to Connect framework, I was less reactive so my daughter could trust me to hear and accept her, and her reactivity decreased as well.

Exploring these skills together allows us to take things less personally, set boundaries more clearly, and not direct our reactivity AT the people we love.

When we come together and share our lived experience, shame loses its power and we feel enough, worthy. The results when I parent from here are miraculous.

I invite all to try this community and explore the fun learning with others who are walking the same challenging path. You won’t regret it!

Business Website Address: 5StepsToConnect.com
Business Phone Number: 831-419-5459
Camp Opportunity
Short Business Description: Camp Opportunity serves children who are referred through specific community organizations
Long Business Description:

We seek to achieve our goal through the following objectives:

Match each camper one-on-one with a counselor for the week, providing them with continuity and mentorship that can continue throughout the year and each summer.
Facilitate a wide-range of activities, including the Discovery curriculum, which have a focus on coping skills and promoting the positive attitude “I can.”
Create opportunities whereby each camper can experience success.
Help our campers develop skills to face their own circumstances and to make safe life choices outside of camp.
Provide campers with the experience of developing positive relationships with adults that can be transferred to their community, school and home

Our goal is to provide a quality camp experience for up to 65 children each summer; to accomplish that goal we need your help. There are several volunteer positions that are needed each summer and while each is different in their specific role, we all work together as one cohesive team to achieve the goals of our program.

Business Website Address: http://www.campopp.org/
Business Phone Number: 831-239-2323
Code Naturally
Short Business Description: We’ll teach your kids how to code!
Long Business Description:

Programming is communicating your ideas to a computer in a language designed to make that communication easy and intuitive. By learning this language, you and your students can create almost anything and get a head start on a major 21st Century Skill. At Code Naturally, we emphasize self-paced curriculum and collaborative support to help students excel at coding and creating.

COLLABORATION   Learning to code is a team sport. Students quickly learn the value of working together to fix bugs and to pursue large project ideas.

CRITICAL THINKING   Students must understand what they’re trying to get the computer to do before they can communicate it.

CREATIVITY   Students have creative freedom over how they choose to fulfill project requirements and can always code their own projects for fun.

Business Website Address: http://codenaturally.com
Business Phone Number: 831-508-7373
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Santa Cruz Language Institute
Address: Santa Cruz, Ca
Short Business Description: Online foreign language school for adults and teenagers
Long Business Description:

Study Spanish, French and, German with experienced and qualified native speaker teachers, in group or individual lessons.

We offer a range of live online courses in foreign languages with a conversational approach.

Business Website Address: http://www.santacruzlanguage.com
Business Phone Number: 831-607-9985
Adventure Sports Unlimited
Long Business Description:

 Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) is an aquatics center that teaches people the fun to play in water. We bring people together, teach them to the best of their abilities, outfit them with gear to fit their potential, arrange adventures to use their new skills, and eat well. It seems only appropriate that when you have a bunch of adventure enthusiasts together at an exotic aquatic environment, after a day of SCUBA diving, that a bit of seafood foraging will result in a wonderful gourmet meal to toast the day.

The essence of our plot is unrelenting fun and through this joy we will impart superior skills and safety. The ASU facility has a tropically heated training pool with hot tub, retail shop to serve your swimming and dive needs, classroom, and loaded it with water toys for people to play with. For 38 years,we have been successfully teaching the joys of being in water through the recreational sport of SCUBA for all ages and Adventure Sports Swim School.  Additionally we offer outstanding travel adventures. Find your next adventure through Adventure Sports Unlimited. Family Offerings  Seafood Foraging  &  Kelp Pickling

Adventure Sports Swim School  Learning to swim is a new and exciting experience for children. For the past 35 years Adventure Sports has taught over 25,000 children to swim in a positive, warm environment. Our instructors strive to develop a trusting special relationship with each child, encouraging them in a gentle, but firm manner to exceed their limits as their abilities grow. We maintain a high quality and individual accomplishment through small group lessons. We want your potential swimmers to have confidence in the water. In the end, this means technique, safety, and bright, happy smiles for everyone.

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Caroline’s Non Profit Thrift Shop
Address:  402 Trout Gulch Rd, Aptos
Long Business Description:

Caroline’s Non Profit Thrift Shop

Christy Licker opened Caroline’s Non Profit Thrift Shop in June of 2010, just three years after the death of her daughter, Caroline, who passed away at the age of 16. Her hope was to honor the life of Caroline by donating money to local nonprofits with programs/services for children and their families with the goal of easing the fundraising burden for these non profits.   Caroline’s volunteers are special. At present, Caroline’s has 80 regularly scheduled volunteers, ranging in ages 10-80. Our volunteer’s commit to regularly scheduled shifts, with some even creating handmade items for Caroline’s. Caroline’s is 100% volunteer powered, which means volunteers care for the shop, on top of performing maintenance tasks like landscaping and janitorial duties.

Business Website Address: https://carolinesnonprofit.org/
Business Phone Number: 831-662-0237
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Chartwell School
Address: 2511 Numa Watson Rd, Seaside CA
Short Business Description: Chartwell School empowers bright students with language-based learning differences, including dyslexia.
Long Business Description:

Chartwell School, located in Seaside, educates students who are struggling in mainstream classroom settings; including those students with learning challenges like dyslexia. Chartwell considers each student’s unique needs to provide them with the academic skills, confidence, and creativity needed to meet the challenges of future educational endeavors.

Students in grades 2–8 acquire academic skills as they are taught from a research-based curriculum which emphasizes multi-sensory phonemic aware- ness. For students in grades 9-12, the college prep program delivers project- based learning and related field experiences. Students can also experience the 4-week summer program which emphasizes literacy and enrichment skills.

Chartwell School diagnostically educates students with language-related learning variations such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and auditory processing disorder. Chartwell’s mission is to equip children with the academic skills, confidence, perseverance and creativity necessary to succeed in mainstream schools and in life.   Our specially trained teachers work with students who are behind in certain skill areas to close those gaps while also encouraging students to develop their areas of strength. A Chartwell education includes small class size, specially-trained instructors, a carefully designed curriculum, an award-winning green campus, and all the electives, arts and sports that enrich a student’s school experience.   On the second Tuesday of every month, Chartwell offers an informal tour to all community members. Please our website for more information.
High School   Middle School   Lower School   Library

Business Website Address: https://www.chartwell.org/
Business Phone Number: 831.394.3468
Coastal Community Preschool
Address: 900 High St, Santa Cruz
Long Business Description:

Welcome to Coastal Community Preschool, an independent, private, incorporated, non-profit organization which serves preschool children from the age of 2 years 3 months until entry into kindergarten. The school is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Coastal Community Preschool parents, non-parents from the Santa Cruz community and teachers at the School.

Coastal Community Preschool seeks to provide a safe, accessible, family –centered environment that nurtures children as individuals, fosters social understanding, and serves as a vital part of its local community. In this setting, we will celebrate the unique spirit of each child and strive to cultivate Good People who recognize and respect their own precious worth and that of others.

The Preschool approaches this mission with the following goals:

To create a sanctuary for learning that honors and protects each child’s interests and ideas, and encourages development at each child’s own pace;
To sustain a talented, experienced and highly skilled faculty by ensuring respectable salary levels and benefits and maintaining a comfortable, stimulating workplace that encourages participation in organizational development;
To provide a diverse and inclusive environment in which children learn to appreciate different lifestyles and cultures;
To prepare children for school through emotional readiness, and through cultivation of each child’s unique strengths and interests;
To encourage a family-centric, team-approach among parents and teachers who share a mutual goal of raising a community of strong, confident, and happy children;
To serve as an integral part of the local community by providing a variety of resources in support of strong families, successful parenting and learning readiness.

Business Phone Number: (831) 462-5437
Dog Off-Leash Parks
Short Business Description: Find dog parks which allow dogs to runoff-leash.
Long Business Description:

Branciforte Dog Park: Quarter acre fenced dog park. Open Sunrise to Sunset. Located at 200 N. Branciforte Drive.
DeLaveaga Park: Sand Pit Service Road into Lower DeLaveaga Park. Designated off-leash times are sunrise to sunset. Take Market Street past Gruenwald Court.
Frederick Street Park: The off-leash area is clearly marked by signs and a split rail fence. Off-leash times are sunrise to sunset. The area is located at 168 Frederick Street (Frederick at Broadway).

Grant Street Park: The off-leash area is clearly marked with signs. Off-leash times are sunrise to sunset. The area is located at 180 Grant Street.
Mimi De Marta Dog Park: Half acre fenced, off leash dog area. Open sunrise to sunset. Located at 130 Broadway.
Mitchell’s Cove Beach: Dogs are allowed off-leash before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. The beach is located near West Cliff Drive and Almar Avenue.
Pacheco Dog Park: This area is completely fenced and the off-leash times are sunrise to sunset. The area is located at Pacheco Avenue and Prospect Heights.
Ocean View Park: The off-leash area is clearly marked with signs. Off-leash times are sunrise to sunset. The area is located at 102 Ocean View Avenue.
University Terrace Park: Two off-leash dog park areas: one for all dogs and a separate park for smaller dogs. Both areas are fenced and off-leash times are sunrise to sunset. The designated off-leash area is located at the second entrance at Nobel Drive and Meder Street.

Dogs are not allowed at the Wharf, Cowell Beach, Main Beach, Laurel Park, or San Lorenzo Park.
Dog owners must be in full control of their dogs at all times. Control must be immediate. Dog owners are financially responsible for any damage caused by their dog to public property. SCMC
Dog owners must clean up all of their dog’s defecation and must carry dog defecation removal devices at all times. SCMC 8.14.215

Santa Cruz County “Where Can I Take my Dog?” Brochure

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Gateway School
Address: 255 Swift St., Santa Cruz CA 95060
Short Business Description: Gateway School, founded in 1970, is an independent, co-ed day school in Santa Cruz, CA for students in grades Kindergarten through Middle School.
Long Business Description:

Gateway School, founded in 1970, is an independent, co-ed day school in Santa Cruz, CA for students in grades Kindergarten through Middle School. Our mission is to inspire children to lead lives of purpose and compassion through scholarship and citizenship.

We nurture academic success and intellectual curiosity, personal character and integrity, and individual agency and engagement. Our program is rooted in play, creativity, and critical thinking. Our students develop communication and collaboration skills while becoming compassionate and responsible citizens.

We feature Art, Music, Spanish, Mindfulness, Life Lab Science, and a Makerspace as integral parts of our program, along with small classes, a gorgeous nine-acre campus, and a loving community of families.

Gateway is the only K-8 school in Santa Cruz accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). We invite all families to visit our website or schedule a tour, and get to know our community!

Business Website Address: http://www.gatewaysc.org/
Business Phone Number: 831.423.0341
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Good Shepherd Catholic School
Address: 2727 Mattison Lane, Santa Cruz
Short Business Description: Welcoming children of all faiths for the last 55 years, our highly qualified faculty and staff provide a well-rounded curriculum that is project-based and faith driven.
Long Business Description:

Good Shepherd Catholic School, Preschool – 8th grade

Welcoming children of all faiths for the last 55 years, our highly qualified faculty and staff provide a well-rounded curriculum that is project-based and faith driven. Spanish, art and life lab classes are part of the school’s curriculum with technology integrated throughout the school day.


The school’s focus on community service gives the students numerous opportunities to learn and practice Catholic social teachings firsthand. Students may participate in the school’s highly successful interscholastic sports program including golf, flag football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer beginning at grade two.

After-school care is available until 6:00 PM. Please join us at our annual Open House in January. For more information, call 831.476.4000 or visit our website.

Business Website Address: https://gsschool.org/
Business Phone Number: 831.476.4000
Help for moms and dads who have lost an infant in childbirth
Short Business Description: Support for the 1 in 7 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads who suffer from postpartum depression.
Long Business Description:

NEW ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP for Parents Who Have Lost an Infant

The loss of a child is devastating and the pain can feel unbearable. You are not alone.

Join our trained peer support facilitators for a weekly chat. You will connect with other grieving moms and explore techniques to help in the healing process.

It’s free and easy to join. Just create a Support Group Central account and select “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group” to register.

We meet every Friday and we hope that you’ll join us. https://www.postpartum.net/get…/psi-online-support-meetings/

Postpartum Support International

Help for Moms  ~  Call or Text our HelpLine. You are not alone and you are not to blame. PSI is here to help. You will get better.
Call 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD) English and Spanish  ~  Text a Message: 503-894-9453 (English) or 971-420-0294 (Spanish)

Available 24 hours a day, you will be asked to leave a confidential message and a trained and caring volunteer will return your call or text. They will listen, answer questions, offer encouragement and connect you with local resources as needed.
Resources for Fathers  ~  The resources listed on this page provide fathers and postpartum partners informed support and connection at no charge. Please contact us if you are looking for additional resources.

DADS Chat with an Expert

First Mondays of every month — PSI hosts a free call-in forum for dads facilitated by a perinatal mood disorders expert. Call for information, support, and connection with other dads. Click HEREfor more information and call-in number.

Tips for Postpartum Dads and Partners
The Postpartum Husband: book by Karen Kleiman

Business Website Address: https://www.postpartum.net/